Turtle Protection Jobs

Field Coordinators and Field Assistants are needed each year for the turtle seasons..

We are inviting applications for Coordinators and Field Assistants (FAs) to join the conservation projects for the 2015 nesting season of the critically endangered Leatherback turtle. The project continues during the Green turtle season until the end of September.



To be in overall charge of the turtle program and, in particular, to direct and coordinate the following:

- The work of the Field Assistants in monitoring the turtle activity on the beach

- The taking of data on the beach

- The analysis of this data

- Beach patrolling, leading volunteer and student groups

- Talks and workshops with students and volunteers

- At the end of the season, write and present a report detailing the work of the project and the results obtained from the data collected throughout the season.


- The same duties as the coordinator at the South Station.


The successful applicants

- Must be biologists with experience of working with Marine Turtles, especially Leatherbacks (Dermochelys coriacea)

- They should be fluent in English and Spanish

- Have leadership qualities and the ability to share their professional knowledge with others, especially with the Field Assistants who are in their charge

- They must be able to lead a team but also be part of it, and be prepared for living and working in remote areas, sometimes in difficult conditions

-They must be independent, positive and adaptable to unexpected situations

-They must be able and willing to work long hours during night and day in heat and rain.




- Biologist/Coordinators at Pacuare Reserve: US$160 a week.

Food and accommodation is provided during the stay at the project. On free days you will cover your own expenses.


We want to build a team of young people deeply interested in conservation, who could be students or graduates in biology or a related subject, but this is not essential. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to work in a team with people from different parts of the world, to live by a remote turtle nesting beach surrounded by diverse flora and fauna, to participate in the conservation of a critically endangered species, to gain leadership experience and to test yourself physically and mentally as never before!

- Speak good Spanish and English at time of application.

- Have previous field experience an advantage but not essential.

- We need people who are motivated and adaptable, good team members, hard working and happy to live in a small isolated community.

-The work of the FAs includes leading night patrols on the beach to identify, measure and tag adult turtles, relocate nests or mark them in situ, daily early morning walks to count the turtle tracks and check status of in situ nests, release hatchlings and conduct post-hatching excavations. This means long hours and hard but rewarding work.

-FAs are expected to escort volunteers and students on the beach at night.

=Accommodation for FAs is simple but comfortable. They have a bed or bunk (with sheets and pillow) in a room which they will share with one or two other FAs.

FAs have four free days a month. They are not paid but receive free food and lodging throughout their stay at the project sites.

The periods for which Coordinators and FAs are needed are as follows


SOUTH STATION: 15th February to 30th September 2015.

NOTH STATION: 15th February to 31st July 2015.

Field Assistants:

We need FAs from mid February until end of July 2015. You can apply for the whole period (to be reconfirmed on either side after the first two months). Preference will be given to those applying for the whole season.

Coordinators and Field Assistants will be chosen by the end of November 2014

For the Biologist/ Coordinators positions please send C.V including the name, telephone number and e-mail address of two people who may recommend you and a covering letter.

To apply for a Field Assistant position, please send C.V including the name, telephone number and e-mail address of two people who may recommend you and a covering letter to Carlos Fernandez

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